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Universal plug seal

Universal plug seal

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name:  zhongxin
  • Model Number:  BVI

General plug seal:

Pan plug seal is a U-shaped Teflon installed special spring high performance seals, by appropriate spring force and fluid pressure system, the sealing lip (surface) top out and gently pressed sealed metal surface to generate very good sealing effect. The actuating effect of the spring can be overcome by the metal

With the slightly eccentric wear and sealing lip, and maintain a desired sealing performance. Pan plug sealing safe movement, because with sealing lip friction coefficient is low, sealing contact pressure is stable, high pressure resistance, allow larger radial deflection (radial run-out) and trench foot

Inch error, so it is very suitable for the seal of the air cylinder, replace the U or V form tight tight and get excellent sealing performance and service life.

The characteristics of universal plug sealing:

1, sealing performance is not affected by the lack of lubrication when starting;

2, effective reduction of wear and friction resistance;

3, through the different sealing materials and the spring of the match, can show different sealing ability to adapt to various application requirements;

4, the use of special CNC processing mechanism, no tooling costs - particularly suitable for a small number of a variety of seals;

5, resistance to chemical corrosion and heat resistance than the common seal rubber excellent, stable size, derived from absolutely volume swelling or contraction of sealing performance degradation.

Main application:

1, loading and unloading arm rotation joint with axial seal

2, spray valve parts or other spray system with a seal

3, vacuum pump seal

4, drinks, water, beer filling equipment (such as filling valve) and the food industry with a seal

5, automotive, aerospace and industrial seals, such as power steering machine

6, measuring equipment with seals (low friction, long life)

7, other process equipment or pressure vessels with a seal

  • Place of Origin:  Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name:  zhongxin
  • Model Number:  BVI
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